model - Michael D Dunn, photographer - Ava Bock (ME), artist - Archan Nair for Khushi Foundation

There are times when other artists and myself have the opportunity to work together on something beautiful. It is for this purpose that I create stock photography. When it comes to the image above, many of you may recognize it for my image “Finding Zen“. When I released the stock photographs from the sessions that created that image not only did I receive my first Daily Deviation with Deviant Art‘s community, I also received an email from my distant artist friend Archan Nair. He had requested use of the image for a project he was creating for the Khushi Foundation. It didn’t take me but a moment to say yes. The image above is what he created. To see this is an honor on so many levels. First, he asked permission before he used it. Second, he sent back a copy of the final image. Third, the image was created to help a wonderful cause. Regardless of the fact that we are acquaintances, there is no better compliment that one artist can give another then to be so moved by your work that they incorporate it into their own while still sharing credit and informing all the way.  This is one of the few times I don’t care about not making money. I’m just glad I could help be an inspiration to a fellow artist and help out some kids too.

Until then – A