This, is Vellona. She is a Japanese Cherry Blossom tree. I believe that trees are the only non human living beings that I am fascinated with enough to photograph on a regular basis. She is part of my next nature inspired series.  There are some of you that may now be thinking “I thought you weren’t starting anything new.” and you would be correct. I’m not starting any new projects this year, but I am working on plenty. For this particular project, I am exploring the intricate differences and individual beauty of trees as if they were women. Each imaged will be named after the woman it represents. Since these are women that I know, I will not go into any real details about the women themselves. I intend for this to be a full series of 12 however depending on how I feel will say whether of not I continue the series after that point.

In other news, my harasser is no longer harassing me. I am glad that my efforts to peacefully end the drama have worked. As my audience continues to expand, I am proud to say that I now have a sound following in Great Britain, Germany, India, and Australia. Hello to all my international fans!  *wave 😀  Finally, in recent news, I have been out schmoozing with arty folk and may have some of my work popping up in some new places for your viewing pleasure this summer. Oh, I am so excited! I want to tell you more but until everything is firmly set in place I must remain hush-hush.

Until next time,