Gotta love hate mail! ROFLMAO

Dec 10th:

where do you get your ideas? the fucking internet you dumb bitch. This image is not your own idea but has been shot by many a photographer. grow the fuck up, get a fucking vision, and sell your photo gear you self-absorbed cunt. Not only are your images poorly processed, but you have the ego of someone who has achieved so much more than a poor white trash bitch like your self. You shoot in a shit town, and make no money at what you do. You have no success in the photography field and shoot for free all the time. Get THE FUCK over your bullshit. Stop using the thesaurus to write your posts, and go do something with your life other than pop out babies and shoot horrible photography.

Dec 22nd:

You know what i can foreshadow? your career as a “photographer” … a trashed out fat bitch ripping off others ideas, over processing files, claiming to be an artist when she really is just an overweight slut pretending her life is so creative when really you don’t make shit money and your “health conditions” are really just a result of your “unhealthy” appetite for pie, cheese burgers, and ice cream… which Im sure you eat by the gallon at 3am while your trying to decide which photographer to rip off (poorly i might add) all the while overpopulating the world with portly children with the same undeserved sense of.self.accomplishment. you literally make me sick to my stomach, i wish you and your camera would fall into greenfield lake.

For every one of these comments I receive, I have countless others that are useful for more than just a laugh. Since I know that I am not the only one who has experienced this, I’m interested in hearing your own hate mail/ troll stories.

Share your story in the comments section below while I go find cheeseburgers, ice cream and pie!