Ava Bock is a North Carolina based Fine Art Photographer. Originally from New York, Ava was drawn to the calmer more relaxed nature the south is famous for. She first turned to photography after taking a beginner class at Johnston Community College. After relocating to New Hanover County in later years, she continued her education eventually obtaining an Associate of Fine Arts in Photography from Cape Fear Community College. Ava’s childhood exposure to traditional visual and performing art forms dominates her images. Her work is categorized by its distinctive exploration of expression through color and the human form.


When I am behind the camera, I am motivated by one of two ideas. I am either attempting to capture an image of something that I feel connected to or I am trying to capture an image of something that is connected to me. There is a distinct difference between the two. I feel the things people connect themselves to are done by choice, while the things that connect to them happen by chance.

My artistic ideas are motivated by my life. I am a woman, a mother, and a wife. I’ve been a soldier, a model, a student, and a victim. Every photograph of a flower, landscape, person and building is a social commentary on an idea or event that has impacted me. Some ideas will be easier for people to see and connect to than others. Either way I hope that the experience is enlightening, inspiring and connective.


Associates of Fine Arts – Cape Fear Community College, NC, May 2011
General Education Degree – SUNY Albany, NY, December 1998


Light Painting Workshop – Lemuel Heida, Wilmington, NC 2012
Storytellers Educational Workshop – Brooke Shaden, Wilmington, NC 2012
Beach Photography Workshop – Vickie Hibler, Wilmington, NC 2012
Erotica & Fine Art Nude Workshop – Perry Gallagher & Michael Helms, Burbank, CA 2011


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